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Dear Clients & Residents of Paris,

In response to the Covid-19, Paris Veterinary Clinic has taken steps to ensure our clients safety during this time.

We are doing no additional charge HOME VISITS, where Dr. Akers herself will come to your home to treat or assess your pet, and take them back to the clinic if they need further treatment.

We also would like to stress that if you have food or medication needs for your pets please call us if you are picking up and we will bring your food outside to you or do a porch pickup style.

During this stressful time we all are instructed on how to keep OURSELVES healthy and safe, but please do not forget about your loved ones with 4 legs. They still need to be protected as well.

Please spread the word and let Dr. Akers and her staff know if there is anything we can do for you and your pet during this time.

Thank you,

-Paris Veterinary Clinic